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Innovation is critical during a crisis 

It is THE solution to rebound and remain competitive for

post-crisis recovery and growth 


FOR corporate OPEN INNOVATION and the current global crisis

Our mission is to provide companies with the tools required to innovate in a continuously evolving economic landscape.


Innovate Israel guides corporations from leading industries to scale their innovation, focus on digital transformation, and gain expertise on how to build effective partnerships startups for mutual growth and development.


Innovate Israel provides organizations with the must-needed tools and skills required to innovate, accelerate and collaborate, while offering a multitude of ways to successfully manage the global health and economic crisis. We do so through:


Innovation Bootcamps

Our Innovation Bootcamp will help your company establish a competitive advantage and position itself at the forefront of technology and business in relation to customers, suppliers, competitors, and other players in areas and technologies to be decided upon.

Innovate Israel will help you locate and implement innovation with an emphasis on Open Innovation. We will offer your company an array of solutions and possible collaborations with external parties.

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COVID-19 Workshops

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a tremendous effect on our lives and resulted in significant changes in the very way that individuals and organizations work. Suddenly, without warning, it seems that the entire business world shifted to Zoom and its competitors in a day since it offered a concrete solution to the challenges raised by the current crisis.


This workshop will offer your organization the tools needed in order to adjust to this changed reality and to better prepare yourself for future crises.

Innovation Lectures 

Itai Green is a valued lecturer and keynote speaker at numerous global conferences around the world. Itai offers lectures on various topics, such as "Open Innovation" and "The Day After the COVID-19".


These lectures gear towards different managerial levels within the organization, assist corporations to rise within the technological pace, manage the current crisis while offering concrete and effective tools that help organizations unlock their innovation potential.

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A World Leader in Innovation

Itai Green is the Founder and CEO of Innovate Israel and a dominant leader of Israel's corporate open innovation.


Itai leads innovation processes by connecting global corporations with the Israeli startup community to create advanced technological solutions; focusing in IT, Consumer Products, Pharma, Finance, Travel, E-commerce, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Construction Tech and IoT.


Itai is a member in several startup advisory boards and the founder of the ITTS community which houses 350 Israeli traveltech entrepreneurs, and in the past held prominent positions at various companies, including  Amadeus, Elbit, Maxtech Technologies and Techtium.”





Itai focuses on results. He elevates collaborative open innovation by having meaningful strategic internal discussions around technological innovation opportunities and then matches the right startup partner for a win-win solution.

Orly Stern Izhaki


CDO - Head of Digital & Innovation at Menora Mivtachim


Itai constantly curates new connections between startups, investors, global companies, global innovation ecosystems and innovators to ensure the startup ecosystem becomes stronger and more efficient than ever.

Tamar Spigel, Electra Impact


Innovation and Strategy Manager at Electra 

Consumer Products Ltd


Itai is very well known within the Startup Nation community and extremely proactive in fostering connections. He has helped us a lot to learn about the uniqueness of the Israeli ecosystem and led the introduction to relevant players

Alex Luzarraga

V.P Corporate Strategy, Amadeus

Recent Articles

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Mapping Traveltech Solutions for the Post COVID-19 Era

The travel, tourism and hospitality industries have all been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. The world-wide spread of the virus has resulted in a collapse in travel demand, followed by drastic travel restrictions in many countries.

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Directorates Pay a High Price for Ignorance

Of the many risks that directors should be aware of, innovation is the most complex. A corporation that invests in innovation risks failure. A corporation that doesn’t invest in innovation risks annihilation due to the many threats from small startups and mega-corporations alike, in a variety of areas.

Business Meeting

Open Innovation Helps in the Fight Against Covid-19

The Corona virus is having an equal impact on companies, giant conglomerates, and startups. Within a short period of time, all are seeing dramatic decreases in income, employee absences, delayed decision-making on the part of potential clients, suppliers under pressure because of supply-chain issues.. 

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The opportunity has never been this big for re-insurers to invest in innovation and startups

In recent years, reinsurance companies have been closely working with startups.

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