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The global innovation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, accelerating in demand and profit. To become a leader in sectors such as IT, Automotive, Consumer products, Health, Pharmaceutical, Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Energy, IoT, Constructiontech, Travel and more, you need to reinvent, be innovative at developing new technologies, create within a shorter product life cycle and be the first to market.

Innovate Israel connects global corporations seeking advanced technological solutions, with fresh initiatives, by matching their business needs with experienced entrepreneurs and startups in Israel.

Through Innovate Israel, corporations can reduce cost, time to market and risk factors by leveraging resources and knowledge from the Startup ecosystem to create technological solutions.

The solution is open innovation.
The destination is Innovate Israel.

Our services

At Innovate Israel, we are building a new global innovative community, comprised of corporations worldwide, Israeli startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and key business leaders.

Innovate Israel creates lucrative partnerships by representing the innovative technological needs of global corporations by matching the right startup with the precise business solution.


Innovate Israel guides global companies to make strategic investments in the Israeli Startup Ecosystem.


Innovate Israel accelerates the development of R&D Centers in Israel for global corporations. Innovate Israel guides and assists global corporations to open and grow their R&D Center in Israel.


Innovate Israel connects the Global Innovation Community in innovative ways to provide a real platform for collaboration and development.


Innovate Israel guides your corporation to be the first at finding cutting-edge technologies and solutions that match your technological and business challenges.


Innovate Israel escorts business decision makers from all around the globe and creates customized, high-profile, engaging ecosystem meetings in Israel.

Itai green


Itai Green is
Israel’s global innovation expert.

Itai Green is the Founder and CEO of Innovate Israel. He is one of the dominant leaders of Israel's corporate open innovation. Itai is recognized as a leading player in Israel's Startup ecosystem and is at the forefront of launching its growth at a rapid pace. Itai leads innovation processes by connecting global corporations with the Israeli startup community to create advanced technological solutions; focusing on IT, Consumer products, Pharma, Finance, Travel, E-commerce, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Energy, Constructiontech and IoT.

Itai is a member in several startup advisory boards. In the past, Itai was Head of Business Development and Innovation at Amadeus IT Group in Israel, amongst other prominent positions at Elbit, CEO at Maxtech Technologies, VP Business Development at Techtium and the co-founder of JerusalemOnline.

Itai is the founder of the ITTS community (Israel Travel Tech Startups). ITTS houses 350 Israeli traveltech entrepreneurs and strengthens the internal collaboration between startups, as well as increases the level of engagement between startups, multinationals and investors.

Itai has also created the IITS community (Israel Insurance Tech Startups) for the Insurance start-up sector.

Open Innovation is the Future for R&D
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Corporate Open Innovation
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Open Innovation Creates a Corporate Revolution
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Among the 5 best startup ecosystems worldwide

The 2nd most innovative nation in the world

Maintains the world’s 2nd highest R&D expenditure, over 4% GDP

Attracted over 350 global tech leaders to launch innovation centers in Israel

Developed over 150 programs for startups & over 90 VC funds

Boasts over 1,000 exits between 2006-15, with over $60 billion in capital


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